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Last scene doesn't make sense... SPOILERS

Early in the film, Judge Culhane kills himself. A while later, there is a meeting of the remaining members of the star chamber where they talk about the problem of filling the vacancy left by Culhane, and one of them states "We're not a full court until we fill that vacancy". Later, Hardin joins the star chamber, and the group carries on as a "full court". Then, at the end of the film, when Hardin and Det. Lowes are recording the group (in which Hardin is obviously not with them), they are in the process of passing judgement on another criminal.

Am I wrong in thinking that this was an error, because the group couldn't pass judgement without all 9 members being present?


I was just watching this movie and I wondered about that too. I assumed Hardin went back to the group, but then they showed him sitting in the car with Lowes outside of the house. I was wondering what was going to happen next, but the movie just ended.