This movie and Fulci's 'New York..'

Has anyone else noticed the simularities? From the soundtrack, to the settings (the ferry sticks out), to the people involved..

Produced by
Fabrizio De Angelis .... producer

Original Music by
Francesco De Masi (as Frank De Masi)

Film Editing by
Vincenzo Tomassi (as Vincent P. Thomas)

All 3 were also involved in Fulci's "Squartatore di New York, Lo (New York Ripper)" filmed 3 years earlier. Not to say this movie copies it.. this movie is completely different in most aspects. I just found that pretty interesting.


almost identical

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


I love this energetic, trashy, anti-clerical slash-fest but can someone please explain how the bodies of the first two priests ended up in Joanna's house at the end? At first I thought they were a hallucination, but no, they're there. Why did Craig kill these priests? How do they help his plot to scare Joanna to death? I don't require tons of logic to enjoy a giallo, but this was pretty OTT!


Joanna wanted to give money to the priests, that's why they have to be murdered.