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Available on Netflix Instant Play!

Just discovered "Screamtime" is available on Netflix instant play! I haven't seen this in over 15 years. I'm excited to see if it was as scary as I thought it was back then.


I just got done watching it off netflix and came here after. I enjoyed the 2nd story the most. It caught me jumping a few times. I especially liked realizing what was going on. the other 2 stories were good but that stood out. Especially since I live alone in a very large old house and sometimes the noises make me go investigate.


I watched it late last night on Netflix not knowing what it was. The first story was okay but I can't see why the puppet guy stuck around and why he didn't just tell his wife and her miserable step son to go to Canada already and shut up. If I had been him I would have been demanding her good for nothing son either find a job or get out of my house. Out of high school and not going to college or working. What a loser.

The second one was the best. I had seen "Psychosis" so caught the connection pretty quick. I figured they were based on the same short story or book or something but apparently "Psychosis" is just a remake.

The third one I kind of fell asleep (it was really late) and missed part of so I will likely have to watch it again as I'm not sure exactly what was going on at the end except that guy got turned into a painting or something. :)

The wrap around part was awful and could have been done away with.


This all felt like a ripoff of Creepshow, a much better film. I tried to like there were so many issues like camerawork, audio recording, plot convenience, and just all around confusing moments. Like the 'main story', the people watching these stories, who I couldn't care less about and have got to be Brits pretending to be New Yorkers. Not to mention the realization that you are watching a movie about people watching movies. Yes, in Creepshow you are watching a movie about a kid who is reading comics, but the transition is much more engaging and styled differently from main story.

Then the stories themselves are just strange. Why would you stay married to a man in his 40's, unemployed, and puts on crappy puppet shows? I could barely make out what the puppets were saying much less their plot of their acts. What crowd just stands idly by why an old man is getting harassed by a punk who proceeds to burn his booth down? "Sorry, can't be bothered. Stiff upper lip then, what-what." And I don't care how crazy, you are not going to scare me with an old man with a piece of wood. Dream House I could almost like, but for the most part it was a Shyamalan twist. As for the last one, who would stick around a bunch of creepy old ladies who talk about dead bodies and faeries?


And Creepshow was a ripoff of every single Amicus horror anthology from 1964 through 1981 and they were a ripoff of the original horror anthology called Dead of Night from 1945. Whats your point?


"Screamtime" is a bit of an unknown UK horror anthology that completely went under my radar until I saw it featured on Netflix.

Well this is an oddity – "Screamtime" is an anthology of three British stories with a baffling New York set wraparound. Most anthology wraparounds either tie into one of the stories somehow (like in "Tales From The Hood") OR has a comic or book (like "Creepshow") or some sort of device for the stories being told. "Screamtime" actually has both. A real weird one.

The film does have some surprisingly good scares the first time around and the last story is really moody and atmospheric.

My over-all rating: B+!.

Also I read that ... (beyond the fact that the movie was completed in 1983 and not released until 1986), director “Al Beresford” is actually Michael Armstrong, who wrote (under a different pseudonym!) and directed the notorious "Mark Of The Devil".