- One of my favourite scenes has to be when Sridevi's character sees the puppy in the garden. Her expressions of surprise and delight are fantastic!

- Silk Smitha's dance number when she's pleasuring herself - oooh! This is my first Silk film and I found her body and dancing to be entertaining and engaging. She definitely had alot of talent and was pleasing to the eyes (atleast her body was).

- Silk Smitha's scenes trying to seduce Somu - did anybody else think her expressions were weird when she was talking about his body, when she was half shutting her eyes?!

- The puppy looked so floppy and half dead in most of the scenes...did anybody else agree?

- I really loved how Somu fell in love with Sridevi's character in a non-sexual way....this was successfully portrayed when he was dreaming of her in the red sari, only to be awakened by her having made a childish mess at wearing the material, and how he laughs at her. It's such a sweet and innocent storyline. :)

Does anybody else have any comments?