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Missing scene on recent cable showing (2016)?

I remember this movie when it was on cable back in the day - 1984 to be exact. It was on one of the cable channels just recently - as in less than a week ago - and I got in on the middle of it. It was the scene where Steenburgen's character packed up and left after she caught Dudley Moore cheating on his wife. The next scene is Moore's wife saying that she knew Steenburgen would never abandon the partnership over artistic differences, as Moore is telling her, because she knew Steenburgen's character was in love with Moore. Long story - wife knew Steenburgen would never act on that love out of friendship to her.

Next scene is Dudley Moore with the house in disarray and himself in disarray and someone visiting and talking about his recent divorce. Now I KNOW there was a scene in between where the wife comes to Moore when he is on the set of a play he is directing and tells him she found out why Steenburgen left and she is divorcing him. But it was not in this cable showing of the movie! Now this is one of those channels that do not have commercials so I can't imagine why they would be cutting movies to shorten them and hoping nobody notices. Has anybody else seen this film cut on a non-commercial channel, and what was the reason? I just now wonder how many partial movies I've been seeing on cable. I wish I could remember the channel - Starz, Showime, HBO - but I can't.


I saw it on cable years ago and it wasn't cut. But that scene always bugged me. How did the wife find out Jason slept with the actress? Did Phoebe tell her?