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Chances of this movie being made today 0.0%

You - "Hey I got this idea for a hit movie! A ambitious sexually frustrated high school senior gets involved with a call girl, interesting things happen and he ends up turning his home into whorehouse while his parents are in Europe! It's a sure hit!"

Hollywood 2020 - What are you thinking? Are you insane? We are trying to make young minds believe they are super heroes and the real world doesn't exist!

You - Sometimes you just have to say "What the fuck"

Hollywood 2020- Next!


Oh, I think it could be. This movie came out after the women's movement. The problem is, no one would make a film like this right now because it wouldn't be 'cool'.


Interesting observation.

High School boys still think about sex. Perhaps the easy access to porn has made getting the real thing look like too much work.

In the 1980s many high school aged males would give a week's pay for a high quality call girl.

Not today, why do that when you have access to over a million porn clips.

So maybe you do have a point.


combine that with sex dolls, robots, etc.

yah.. opening a brothel will be a losing business, nothing risky about that.


"Are you insane? We are trying to make young minds believe they are super heroes and the real world doesn't exist!"

Yeah, cuz an affluent teen running a whorehouse from his home for a weekend without getting caught is just as realistic/something we want "young minds to believe" 🙄


Its a very saddening notion that people seem to be hell bent on seeking out old movies and TV shows from the past, and coming up with 'startling revelations' that they are offensive, sexist, promote drug use, promiscuity etc...well a big fucking DUH!

Its almost like they think such movies are obscure and they are the only ones that know about them.

My attitude about all such movies is that they exist, it was a different time, we don't live or behave the same way, we accept that society and humanity has changed. And leave it at that. I am not into censorship or revisionism. Let it be. Slap a warning and explanation at the beginning if you want.

But this constant faux outrage at older movies is just getting stupid.


Of course not. The audience for this doesn’t exist anymore. Current teens aren’t interested in ‘80s teen culture because they can’t relate to it. They are growing up in very different times. Even the premise would fall apart because Joel’s parents would definitely have camera surveillance and would definitely be checking in on Joel.