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Region 2 DVD Spain SPOILERS

Just got the region 2 dvd from Spain of this film. This dvd has a different ending. They live in this version. The final scene has Davis and Stewart in thier living room presumably rescued by the paramedics and the police(one of them being John Ratzenberger from Cheers!). Why is this different than the US version? Europe wouldn't allow the showing of suicide? Very interesting. Comments?


You posted this quite a while ago, but I just happened to be looking this movie up and came across your question. I have no idea why there would be such a turnabout ending in the Region 2 version, but -- Wow! That kind of defeats the purpose of the story, doesn't it?

I'm going to ask someone who has seen the Region 2 version and may have an answer. If I find out, I'll post back here.

UPDATE -- I've gotten an answer from a poster on Amazon; hope this helps:

The Spanish DVD has the same ending that was shown on network television in the U.S. However, the original ending that was filmed was apparently deemed too downbeat for audiences so a new ending was shot and I stand to be corrected but to the best of my knowledge, the original ending was never shown.

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i saw this in its original broadcast, and the couple did die at the end. i watched it with my parents, and we were shocked at the end, but discussed it afterwards. my parents agreed that the couple should have the right to choose their own fate.

this is the version my parents & i saw:


I have seen both cuts of it, used to have a VHS that was released here in the US of the film and they lived. Had a TV print from an old airing and they died. There are 2 different endings floating around.