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Can someone please explain the ending *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Does he just let her drown or does he save her off screen?


Pretty sure he is smiling.


He certainly doesn't look distraught does he, I expected him to race into the water in a panic but he just kind of figured it was it's natural end.

I like how the movie came full circle.

Of course her bloated body would pop up somewhere down shore a little and ruin the poetic ending...kind of better it ended how it did.


Such a tough movie, not for everyone, just for those crazy movies fans. It is well done, well directed, well edited and of course, the acting was so good.

The ending is open I believe, I felt that he was tired, and his exhaustion exceeded his love for her and then in a blink he decided not to even try to save her! I believe her cutting her hair just drove him mad inside, he is human, and its easy to forgive such a beauty and just ignore her bad state of mind at times, but his cup was full at the end.
He was tired. The ending and the last 20 minutes were really tough

That's how I see the ending, I can be wrong.