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Wyatt 'Tommy' Knight kills himself!!!

The wife of deceased actor Wyatt Knight -- who played Tommy Turner in the "Porky's" movies -- confirms the actor took his own life ... telling TMZ he wanted to escape the "physical and emotional pain" caused by intense cancer treatments.

TMZ broke the story ... Wyatt's body was discovered on October 26 in Maui -- and cops believe the death was a suicide.

Now, Wyatt's wife Silvina Knight tells us, it's true -- Wyatt recently overcame a battle with cancer but the radiation therapy "left him in both physical and emotional pain."

Silvina adds, "He was tired of the pain and after much contemplation, chose to end his life in a beautiful and a serene place."

It's unclear if Silvina was aware of Wyatt's alleged suicide plot before he died -- but she claims, "His Family and friends are devastated. "

"Wyatt was an incredibly talented, intelligent and loving person with an amazing spirit. He is free and at peace."

I don't know what to say. :(

I love the PORKY'S trilogy. I hope he has found his peace.


Couldn't he have stopped the cancer treatments? Cancer treatments aren't for everyone.