I am first, Bishes!

I saw this movie when my family rented it, sometime around 1985. It was okay. Kinda of a cross between "Harry and the Hendersons" and "Captain Ron."

"NPH wouldn't do that!"


We have all seen it.

The trouble is thatno one seems to have recorded it

Bugger, bugger


i havn't seen it... saw the vhs for like 2 dollars though...is it worth it???

it looks pretty bad....it looks like another movie i bought on vhs for two dollars called The Check Is In The Mail....which was also about a guy who was fed up with society and decided to make his family live all natural...the old fashioned way without modern electricity and stuff like that...only instead of living in the woods...he did it all in his house and it drove his neighboors (and his family) nuts. that was all right in a cheesy 80's way...at one point everyone is singing kum by ya.... but i don't think i'm ever gonna wanna watch it again...this like that?