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This Should Definitely Be Remade

I've always liked the spooky title to this film and seriously think a good remake should be in order, but this time they should change the killer rat into some other type of lethal creature. What type of creature? That could remain a mystery until a shocking revelation surfaces at the end of the movie.

Come to Middle-Earth, a world beyond the furthest reaches of your imagination


How about

*dramatic pause*


A Superman without trunks isn't worth watching or reading about.


I'd agree with you about doing a remake. However I'd forego some of the camp of the original. There were literary allusions to Moby Dick and The Old Man and The Sea that I would concentrate more upon.
The angle that the main character is trapped in his own rat race being a slave to the world of high finance and a lifestyle of consumerism where one incessantly struggles to maintain a self imposed status quo is another aspect of the story that should be delved into further.
The original is an old favorite of mine! I'd love to see Scream!Factory give it a proper bluray release!