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If this was an official EON production, where would you rank it?

Let me throw this out there, if it was an EON production it would have much better production quality, script, Bond music, etc, so only judge on what was released in 1983.

As the movie stands, where do you rank it, if it was an official EON movie? To me its pretty bad, but no the worst Bond movie. Probably bottom 5, but not the worst.


I find NSNA better made than some of the EON productions, but more boring than most of them, possibly only more boring than AVTAK and YOLT.

I would rank it much lower than Thunderball and I think Thunderball was the beginning of the downhill slope. However, NSNA some parts which are better than the Thunderball equivalents.


This was the Bond film which came out right as I was first getting into movies as a little kid and so it left a lasting impression on me. I have always liked it but I can see why others feel it's a bit boring or has some awkward moments in it. In later years I have considered that maybe it was aimed at ageing Bond fans who loved the earlier Connery ones and didn't need high-paced crazy stunts and stuff in it, like the Moore films. The jazz music soundtrack is highly indicative of this.