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Is that Pink Floyd's 'Time', in the school reunion party?

In the beginning of the 2nd CD, when the school reunion party scene is shown, is the background score, Pink Floyd's "Time" ?? Shah while relating to Azmi says that the reunion had taken place in 1973 & "Dark Side Of The Moon" came out in March of the same year!! So at least, it doesn't look like the-typical-bollywood-blunder...

And if this is so... I must say I'm really awestruck for I'd never expected a timeless masterpiece like this being played in a Hindi movie!! I'm truly impressed, Mr. Kapoor... I'm truly impressed by your tastes!



Its been a long time since I saw the movie, but if I remember clearly, the song playing is "Have a cigar" from "wish u were here" u might call it an example of anachronism. I remember pointing that mistake out last time I saw it....

Kindly check again and confirm.