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I watched this movie expecting something light and breezy - WRONG!

It shows Robert Mac Naughton riding his bike, and just looked like a carefree, light movie. Though I always wanted to see it, and I finally did. It was well-acted, but very depressing. Robert played the supportive older brother in E.T. I always wished I had an older brother like the one he plays in that film. But in this film, he played someone who was completely lost and out of control, and even had a scene where he had to cry hysterically. A great performance, but the film was very unnerving.


- girls with short blonde hair, watch out if you're in a film with Robert Wagner. You'll die! In The Towering Inferno, Susan Flannery played his girlfriend, and she caught on fire, and fell down out the window and her panty hose fell off! But it wound up it was just her reflection in the building (glass all over the exterior) that looked like her panty hose was floating in the air. And in this movie, Hope Lange was run over by a vehicle. They look and sound the same.