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Why did she call that stupid doctor rather than the police?

Why did she call that stupid doctor guy who ended up kidnapping her, rather than the police? That was stupid and only prolonged the movie.

There were many plot holes too. Were the bullets blanks or not? It wasn't clear. I thought she said she emptied it too. - Discover Global Dating Solutions!


The reason for her calling the doctor instead of the police was in my mind the fact that they killed someone. It could also be to make the story go into a different direction. But there's no way to be sure i guess

As for the bullets, i was asking myself the same thing.

Who died and made you *beep* king of the zombies?


Katey was going to call the cops but the guy Peter told her to ask the house mother Mrs Slater for help, she remembered that she was dead and decided against it



Even more puzzling was why she went back into the house after she was outside and free.