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Cripes. Not sure what this was. Somebody put acid in the studios Koolaid one day and a team of moviemakers pulled this thing out of their A$$! Kept hitting the fast forward but found myself stopping to sit there stunned at the next low budget effect or bizarre imagery. Whats with the Buck Rodgers laser stuff??? Whats with the robo-monsters??? Some kinda freak blend of sci-fi and Greek myth?? Was this designed to be that bad?? Look at the bear fight, I cant imagine the Golan/Globus team saying " LUIGI, THAT BEAR FIGHT TOTALLY ROCKED! I WONDER IF THERE IS ANYTHING ELSE WE CAN HURL INTO SPACE!" This thing has WTF moments all over the place. I just can't grasp the concept! I'm sure this would work better with a bunch of your friends sitting around all boozed and smoked up, doing a 'Mystery science theater' on the thing, but I wouldnt care to sit through it again.

"Pffft, my suspension of disbelief has higher standards than that"


Ha! >"This thing has WTF moments all over the place. "<

That's what makes it so good! ~ha yeah maybe a lil smoke helps this movie be downrite hilariously entertaining