COMET is airing it!

So far, it's been teamed with "Seven Magnificent Gladiators". I kept missing it but was determined that tonight I would watch the two movies.

Here's COMET's schedule:

I haven't seen either of these since HBO aired them in the Eighties, so I'm going to have fun! (By the way, I was in my 30s in the '80s, so it's not kiddish nostalgia.)

It's interesting to see how they (mis)treat mythology; but, it's so much fun that I can't make a fuss about it. I wonder if the creators of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" were influenced by this. No. Probably not since this film goes about everything so seriously.

It's a wild and wonderful time! Hey! I'm ADHD, so I love bright, shiny lights and robots, as well as rainbow-color~well~nearly everything. *snicker*snort* I can enjoy a serious, lengthy drama, but this film is eye and ear candy!

I just love those robots! *giggle*

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yes it is...but the movie is still a POS.


yes it is...but the movie is still a POS.
Well, you are too. So you should love it. 

53 days until the Dead rise


That was uncalled for.