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The GREAT Carl Lee died working on editing (redubbing) this film

Carl Lee, who played Duke in this film (and who was so amazing in Shirley Clarke's groundbreaking film "The Connection") unfortunately died of a heroin overdose while editing loops on this film. Oddly enough, he played an addict who was a lead role in that 1961 film as the character Cowboy, a dealer that altoist Jackie McClean and the other terrific Jazz musicians were waiting for (in their sordid Harlem crib), for Carl to deliver the medicine that would fuel the great performances played into Jazz heaven once all the brothers got "well", even though they were playing pretty great even before he arrived.
It's a shame scag finally caught up with Carl. Although he was 59, he could have lived another 20 or more years and done some more amazing work (both acting and editing) in the New York City film world. My hat's tipped to a uniquely great artist and a terrific guy who understood the depth and beauty of Jazz, especially in the New York area where the great clubs abounded in the 60's and early '70's, when he was in his heyday. I met Carl at Slug's and the Vanguard and had some great conversations with him. He really knew his stuff. But I'm glad I wasn't with him that night he was working on "Exposed", though. What a loss.