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Moody Witch revenge in Massachusetts

"The Devonsville Terror" (1983) is an Indie mystery/horror that combines flashback scenes reminiscent of "The Blood on Satan's Claw" (1971) with modern scenes akin in tone to "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" (1971), "The Shuttered Room" (1967) and "The Fog" (1980). You could view it as an early 80's precursor to "The Lords of Salem" (2012).

While it's noticeably low-budget compared to those films, director/writer Ulli Lommel tries to make up for it with an impressive artistic style and mostly succeeds. There's a nice eerie rural ambiance. It would've helped if the evil religionists were counterbalanced by one or two noble believers, but it's not like hateful, lying legalists don't exist.