My favorite scene

When the fat kid is standing in the little parking bay, which is too small for Christine, and he thinks he's safe. He pulls out his knife, and Christine just makes it fit.

Not sure why... but I could watch that scene over and over. It's like she's completely unstoppable, an unopposable force from hell.

I've seen things that would make you want to write a book on how to puke.


I liked when he said, "You're not made, are you?"

No, destroying a person's car makes them happy!


Haha, I thought the same thing and line has always bothered me every time I watch it. I think they could have written a better line for Moochie in that moment.


When the fat kid is standing in the little parking bay, which is too small for Christine

It was actually a loading/unloading bay, but I know what you mean. Actually, that's always been a [email protected] moment for me, in the movie; that bay was too small for a car to fit into, how in the hell could they load and unload cargo trucks there?

I guess they thought it was a more interesting way to kill Moochie than just having Christine run him down and then run back and forth over him about five times, the way she did in the book.

I like the leadup to that scene, when he glimpses her prowling around under the bridge, with 'Little Bitty Pretty One' starting to play, and then, yes, that priceless moment when he's face-to-grill with her, and says the immortal line: "You ain't mad, are ya?"

I kind of played out that scene, once. I went to a concert by French Horn Revolution, a synth-tech band from South America. Their lead plays French Horn soloes during some of their songs; he has a really nice horn that he plays, then he switches it out for an old clunker that he smashes on the stage.

They had a camera crew with them, so I approached the band after the show and offered to run over the clunker horn with my '83 Caprice, if they wanted to film it. They loved the idea, and I set the scene up like the one in Christine: The horn is on the pavement, about twenty feet away from my car. The headlights are off, and the engine is rumbling. Then suddenly, the headlights come on full bright, the engine roars, the tires squeal, and I totally flattened that horn. Great night.

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I think the best moment was when Christine was about to run Buddy down. After he did was not all that great, just a lump of burning flesh. But the image of a flaming Christine about to catch Buddy was first rate.

I also liked the football scene because in most films, football scenes look fake. This one was pretty good. Not a great scene but I appreciate that it felt genuine.

I liked anytime Christine's headlights would suddenly light up with that musical cue from Carpenter.


I think the best moment was when Christine was about to run Buddy down.

That moment was nothing short of ICONIC. It has to be the one scene from the movie that stands out the most: Christine, in flames, slowly pursuing Buddy Repperton down the road, until she finally decides to end the suspense and...VROOOARRR!

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flaming car chase scene... EPIC

but also every time someone said "shitter"