buds dubbing

seems this has the same dubbing of buds voice as in troublemakers, but the dubbing in crimebusters, odds and evens, and so on must have been greater, right?, this voice sounds more dozy while the other had more grit, those movies are the ones most known too i guess. i wonder why they changed the dubbing guy, it's real weird to hear bud sound different from one movie to the other, i've noticed on new sequals to animated movies, they change the original dubbing voice from the classics known for decades even though the people who used to do it are still alive.

come and see me on the balcony,
if the spare time matches you and me,
i've longed to see you so,
will we again get to sit close,
or do i need a time machine,
and hoping i dont mess up the years and scenes,
on the balcony come and sit down,
let me put my arm around,
do you still care for me,
you don't come around here anymore so i used a time machine,
i didnt realize it would turn us into three,
some fine mess here that i got us on,
i'm sorry but i used the time machine cause i longed for you so,
this wasn't how i intended things to be,
this meeting on the balcony.