who did it?

I fell asleep before the end! Who did it and why?


The blonde dude for the money.


I admit I've seen this 3 times now... once when it was first-run (and I taped it), again about 10 years ago (when I watched my entire AC collection) and again tonight. But I'd forgotten all the details of the story. The thing is, this may be the ONLY Agatha Christie film I've ever seen when the identity of the murderer was PAINFULLY OBVIOUS to me no more than 15-20 minutes in!

The Major talks about 2 similar cases of women attempting suicide, being saved,m then later succeeding. And, it coming out that BOTH were married to the same man! "Very suspicious".

So the NEXT scene, the wife of the owner wakes up from a nightmare, and says she "NEVER" has nightmares. My very first thought was, "Is someone drugging her?"

The rest of the movie, I kept hopoing it wouldn't be that obvious... Based on multiple reviews here, apparently this version follows the book rather closely (and more so than the UK version-- that's a switch!).