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Ths Movie was GREAT!

Look I bought this at the local dollar store. I read the synopsis on the back and thought what the hell. All the characters were just freaking crazy. The kid, the whore sister-in-law, the husband, DouDou. Lee Marvin was at the end of his career for this but I really enjoyed it! And to see Ginger pop up out of nowhere was great. This is a guy's movie. Grab a couple of buds and watch this movie with beer and other fun stuff. It is so much fun and demented that I am surprised Tarantino never mentions it. My favorite scene is when the whore goes to the barn to try and screw Lee Marvin who is tied up. You can see on Marvin's face a look of "Why the hell am I here? Where is my paycheck?"


I got this movie by mistake. I bought Death Race 2000, but when I put in the dvd I got Dog Day instead. At first I was disappointed and angry, but I saw that Lee Marvin was in it so I decided to watch it. It's a pretty entertaining movie! It certainly has elements Tarantino would be drawn to: sex, violence, and a quirky, amoral family! One thing I was wondering about--who got the money in the end? The African farmhand was seen with handfuls of it, but the boy and the Dutch woman acted like their lives were going to improve because of the money. Did the boy keep a stash hidden for himself?


DueDue the black guy ended up with the money at the end. The mother and kid were just happy to escape from that hellish family! My friends and I refer to Obama as DooDoo now because in the real world he taxes our asses off and gets away with all our money!


I bought this movie a few years ago just because David Bennent was in it (Legend, Tin Drum) and was really disappointed at the bad quality of it. I'm not talking about the filming quality, I just thought the movie sucked. I thought the "sexy" lines were nothing but cheese and that the only people who could act were David and Lee (and they dubbed David AGAIN!).

So I ended up selling the movie at a yard sale.

A few months ago I ordered it again (for under a buck at Amazon) because I wanted to give the movie a second chance (and I wanted to screencap David's parts) and upon watching it again I didn't find it much better.
Then again I was also on the computer at the time.

I will try to watch the movie again next chance I get...but I'm gonna skip the part where that poor little boy at the beginning gets shot.
I hate that part.


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Marvin seemed very ill, and just looked puzzled through most of it, but as a gangster-comes-up-against-rural-crazies cinematic culture-clash, it was perfect.

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