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I havent seen this in like 7 years but...

...I remember thinking it was a good sequel but I hated how it ended.

I mean, I think the sequel was good but if they were going to just have the the guy get separated from his horse, I would have liked to just end the story with the first movie. Idunno, but as a kid this really upset me.


At the beginning, Alec just saw it as his horse being taken away. By the end of the movie, he realized the Black belonged in the desert, and was happier there. If you read the book series, he gets some of the Black's offspring.


I haven't seen this movie in decades, but didn't the Sheik tell Alec that Shetan's first foal would be his. So, while it was sad, it was still happy.

I remember reading the books, and Son of the Black Stallion was one of the best books of the series, that and The Black Stallion's Filly.