Very good Cinematography

The first movie, The Black Stallion 1979, the cinematography was by Caleb Deschanel. It was widely acclaimed and won several awards, but no Oscar. Robert Dalva was nominated for an Oscar for film editing but did not win.

Robert Dalva went on to direct The Black Stallion Returns 1983. In collaboration with Italian cinematographer Carlo DiPalma, I think he captured some amazing outdoor scenes. Dalva's experience in film editing and knowledge of cinematography really shows in this movie. Combined with a great soundtrack, the movie was very entertaining.


Oscar snubbed? Piff. The first movie is very unusual. I love the lack of dialogue through much of the film. It's such a surreal dream-like experience.

Second movie? Italian, of course! All the stylish Italian names in the credits, of course.

Both movies have me thinking that the skylines they captured were something else! I want to just book a trip to Sardinia and Morocco.


I just read that this was not filmed in Morocco at all, but rather New Mexico. Could this be true? If so they really managed to create quite an illusion..

Fabio Testi is GOD