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What is the deal with the ending? Who has the money? SPOILERS?

I just watched The Big Score, and I have to say that it is one of the better of Fred's slef-directed star vehicles. BUT I don't get the ending:
1. what happened to the money?
2. What was in the gift box he sent the gangster? A dog? Did the gangster even have a dog?
3. What was the deal with the car on fire at the end?
4. Why leave even one major bad guy alive?


I just watched this too and I also most of these questions.

It's possible that I was just bored as hell and my mind completely drifted.

But I think it was apparent that Fred killed the gangster's dog out of spite.


the money who knows I liked that about the movie tho its a mystry about the money and in the box was the head of the dog and the fire was started because dumb ass kids lighting fireworks in dead vegetation!

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