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Fun movie, in a Plan 9 sorta way!

My wife and I just watched this and we absolutely loved it. Yes, it is terribly bad - I could easily imagine the director yelling "cut!" like in Ed Wood, and some editor slapping this thing together without much sense of story or continuity... but that's just part of the fun. The main character is so wooden... Ruth Buzzy and witchy subplots and Idaho Potatoes and the whole thing... it's just a riot, really, we laughed through 90% of the movie. We even got some scares out of it. Just great fun!


I saw this about 14 years ago, just the once and I do not recall making it to the end. But just the thought of the two stoners in the car at the drive in still sends me into hysterics. The single funniest delivery of lines ever to be screened. Though I am sure it was not supposed to be... In fact, I will probably buy the DVD for that clip alone.


I thought the movie was GREAT...granted its TERRIBLE, but great in that "Up All Night/80s Cheese" sort of way...the finale was great, the monster actually gave me the willies (he looked fake as he11, but he was downright gross & CREEPY!)

I liked it for what it was & plan to keep the DVD on my shelf!

The Being: 3.5/10
Children: 6/10
Red Mist: 5.5/10
Stan Helsing: 2/10