help! question.....

i remember watching this ninja movie as a kid that scared the sht out of me. ive been cruising these imdb boards looking for some information but i havent yet been able to find the title of that movie. the problem is that i can only remember one particular scene, i dont know which actors starred, who directed or even what the movie was about. all i remembe is this scene:

its dark, a young man and an old man are in a cabin. the old man is sick so the younger dude goes out fetch him some soup. when the young man is on his way back with the soup he is attacked by ninjas. i remember it being dark throughout this scene.

does this sound familliar to anyone, if so could you please help me out. thanks a lot.


Karate Kid.


Sounds like Drunken Master or something along those lines to me. It's definitely not the karate kid.

Kung fu movies are like porn. There's 1 on 1, then 2 on 1, then a group scene...