Question about a movie

Please help identifiyng this film. I remember watching this movie as a kid. The only thing Iremember is this scene, which has made a huge impact on me. It goes like this:

It takes place in a mountainous/wooded area. Here an older man and a young man/kid live in a house/hut. In this scene, the man is sick and the man/boy goes into the night to fetch the older man some thing to eat (soup?). When the young man/kid returns to the shed, the place is surrounded by ninjas.

I understand that it's a very poor description, but I still hope that someone recognizes it. This has been bugging me for years now. Thanks in advance/


I'm not much help... but if it's ninjas, does that mean it may have been a Japanese film? I know Kung Fu films borrow the Chinese equivalent at times...

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