Lam Ching Ying...

Definitely the star of the show for me in this movie.
His acting alone is fantastic when dressed in Peking Opera garb and also playing a very stoic part in contrast to Sammo and Yuen.
Also and probably more important from a martial arts perspective was his command of Wing Chun which was exemplary.

R.I.P Lam Ching Ying.

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Absolutely, seldom have I seen somebody who demonstrated their martial arts so well. For fear of sounding like a fan boy Tony Jaa is probably the best offering for it in recent times, but Lam is incredible in Prodigal Son, truly. Got me into wing chun :) Hopefully one day I'll be good enough to tribute him.

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It is his best role if you ask me. It's a shame he got shoe-horned into being the Hong Kong version of Peter Cushing: a vampire killer...
Imagine what else he may of been capable of...
He's a legend. There's some good bit scenes in Spooky Encounters, Eastern Condors and Mr. Vampire, but the Prodigal Son is easily his most solid role.

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