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A friend of mine was telling me there is a sequel to this movie and wants to know where to buy the dvd of it. I haven't been able to find anything and I'm not sure if it even exists. Can you guys tell me if there is a spin-off or sequel to this movie? Thanks


I've never heard of this being a prequel or sequel to anything :s But I suppose if it is, you could check out Bey Logan's new label (dragondynasty thingerbob? :s) and if you really want to know for sure you can email Bey from the site, hopefully he'll reply since it's a simple yes or no answer.

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This film as a sort of prequel to Warriors Two. In Warriors Two the character of Leung Chang is older and is the master, teaching Sammo Hung and Cassanova Wong. In Prodigal Son we go back and see what Leung Chang was like as a young man. Warriors Two was from about 1979 and was also directed by Sammo Hung. In my opinion it is not quite as good as Prodigal Son (what is?!) but is still one of the very best of this style of Kung Fu films. Well worth checking out.


philipknowles1 is right. Warriors Two is the sort of unofficial prequel to Prodigal Son. It's not as tightly directed but it's still wicked. Sammo rules.

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There is a sequel to this film as it continues the story of Leung Chang and his sons.
It's a Hong Kong tv drama called Wing Chun you can find the dvd here:


It's 40 episodes long, Yuen Biao stars in it along with Sammo Hung and loads of Wing Chun. Definately worth a watch.

The series has also been compressed into a film called Legend of Twin Dragons: