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What style of Kung Fu does...

... Frankie Chan's character, Lord Ngai Fai, practise?

I've often wondered this. Judgeing by the way he positions his fingers in his stances I used to think maybe it was Dragon Kung Fu or Leopard Kung Fu, but can't be absolutely sure.

Can anybody help me and perhaps identify his style? i would be very grateful!



Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's Eagle Claw

It's definitely not leaopard or dragon.


The form used by Frankie Chan is Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) style. Sammo specifically asked Frankie to showcase this style as he was/is a well known exponent.

The style was devised at the Shaolin Temple in the mid 17th Century and is unique in the sense that it embodies both Buddhist and Taoist fighting arts. It is also interesting that during the The Great Shaolin Purge where 110 Shaolin Monks were killed by the Qing only five masters survived; one was the Daoist Bak Mei and the other Nun Ng Mui who invented Wing Chun.

Here are a few videos showcasing Bak Mei -

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The Shadow Warrior