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A passing thought does Anant Velankar deserve our sympathy in the end?

This was an incredible movie that departed from many routine plot points of a cop story. It was not a cop vs. villain story, rather it was a dissection of a quintessential Indian cop. For another it did not paint its protagonist all in white. Anant Velankar's character has its dark traits.

However, the scene I wish to discuss is the one where Anant tells Jyotsana about the custodial death that happens by his hands. Jyotsana was an advocate of civil rights. Yet after hearing from him about his ignominious act, she offers him a consoling hand! Also Anant often got drunk and spoke to her over the telephone in an uncouth manner.

Did this subtle gesture disagree with you? Was it a gentle, indirect way of the director to atone his hero of his wrongdoings? Would you say Anant deserved that emotional support?