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Even an infant can brawl better and make more menacing moves

It is a very slow paced movie. The performance is very wooden and weak. The villains are completely unimpressive and dumb. The fight sequences are run-of-the-mill. Even an infant can brawl better and make more menacing moves. The film is an example of cinematic rubbish, which is so abundant on TV and video. Cheap unimaginative "humour" can make any viewer sick as well as the smutty scenes. An ultimate disgusting flop. The makers of this *beep* movie must be ashamed. Hopefully, there will never be anything like this made again.

Disgraceful junk! Watch "Nochnoi dozor" instead (or the everlasting Hollywood action-crammed masterpiece "Kindergarten Cop"). Everybody must agree with all mentioned above, mustn't You?

Is this board dead or what?


I'm very surprised that you dislike this movie so much. Especially after you seemed to have enjoyed Dragon Lord so much. For me Project A is one of JC's best and with Sammo & Yuen Biao in it, PA has to be one of the most loved films of this type. In a similar fashion to Dragon Lord the fight action is not a great display of Martial ART, it is more "pub brawl" or "streetfight" style, but there are still some amazing sequences with very clever choreography! But as I've said many times, it would be a boring world if we all had exactly the same opinions. It's just a surprise to see your comments when I have previously read so much in the way of praise, from you, about JC.

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Lame attempt at humor. The "watch Kindergarden Cop" gave it away.



Did you see the English dubbed one? Because you can't judge a movie off another dub. You could take the best movie in the world and put friggin' Alvin and the Chipmunks voice dubs over everyone and it would make it crappy to watch, but that doesn't make the movie bad.

Anyways, I loved Project A. It had amazing fight scenes and big stunts. You say an infant could make better fights? I'd like to see you do something from that movie even half as good as anyone else. Bike chase scene through the town was great and really imaginitive. The bar fight was more humorous then meant to be "menacing" but again it was very cool and very funny. Jackie/Yuen Biao/Mars/Tai Po vs henchman in the club was awesome. Body's flying everywhere breaking through tables , windows, and even flying through chandeleirs. Every fight scene in this movie was well done which leads me to a conclusion. You sir, are a moron.

Also, you complain about non menacing fights? This is an action/comedy. So you've come to the wrong place.


I have to say that you must have the worst taste in films that I have ever witnessed.

Nochoni Dozor is one of the worst films I have ever seen. To hear someone recommend it makes me vomit.

I really shouldn't even spend time to reply to these lame accusations, but here are a few that I think needs to be addressed.

"The fight sequences are run-of-the-mill."
Very true. I have seen so many films that feature a fighting/get away scene involving bicycles. Oh wait... NO OTHER MOVIE HAS DONE THAT. Jackie Chan even stopped filming for a day when he heard there was a bicycle scene in E.T. to make sure that they weren't similar.

"can make any viewer sick as well as the smutty scenes."
Smutty scenes? What movie were you watching? If you want to see smut go back to watching Night Watch which features disgusting gritty scenes that are boring and tediously long. There is not a single scene featuring anything close to smut in this film. After all, it's a Jackie Chan picture and is aimed at general audiences.

"An ultimate disgusting flop."
The line 'disgusting' makes me think that you MUST have the movies confused. That or you are stupid. Either way, the film was not a flop. It did quite well as I understand.

"The makers of this *beep* movie must be ashamed."
Actually the makers consider it a masterpiece because it was so well received.

"Hopefully, there will never be anything like this made again."
Well they did make a sequel. Project A 2. And the three main stars did similar movies together, about four of them in fact.

So, stop failing or trolling. Or being an idiot. And I know that this post was made in 2006, so here's hoping you've come to your senses since then. Or died. Either way I hope the world is done with your stupidity.

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I can't say I spotted any smut in this either. Personally, I love this film. "Arrest that fat man!" Hehehe.

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