Missing scenes

I watched this when it was first broadcast; and I distinctly remember four small scenes (or parts of scenes) that aren't in the DVD version.

The first is immediately after Emma marries Joe. They are standing outside looking at the large house in which they will live. Emma is concerned that Joe doesn't have enough money to afford the place; and Joe says that "legacy" (his/his family's good name/reputation?) should cover it. He also alludes to Emma's pregnancy; saying something about the three of them living there. He quickly corrects himself and says the four of them. The next scene is the photograph of Joe standing behind the sofa where Emma is holding baby Kit and little Edwina is sitting next to them.

The second is the end of the scene at the Fairleys' house right after WWI breaks out. Adam remarks to Olivia that it's a pity that Edwin and his wife haven't had any children. On the DVD, the scene ends there; but I remember Olivia asking Adam if he remembers what Gerald had told them about Edwin and Emma.

The third is after Laura dies and Emma has brought baby Brian to live at her house. She is lying in bed, trying to ignore his crying; and then finally gets up in frustration and goes to see what's wrong with him. The DVD shows her coming into the nursery; but not what led up to it.

The fourth is when Emma is at some party (I think it's the one at Blackie's house) and Blackie notices that the cheap glass-jeweled bow that he had given her years earlier is pinned to her very expensive fur coat. I think it's also around this time that Emma happens to see a maid doing some ironing; and she remembers the cook's words from years earlier that "servants and gentry don't mix" and that she was "stepping out of her class".

Does anybody else remember these scenes? If these few little scenes are missing, I'm sure there are more that I'm just not remembering.

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The only one I remember is the scene with the baby crying. Emma mutters "I guess it's not your fault" or something similar, and picks him up. She is referring to it not being the baby's fault that Laura died.

I haven't seen AWOS in years. It used to be shown on TV regularly.


Yesterday channel in the Uk showed it recently and it was butchered to bits. half of it was missing.

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I just watched the DVD and you're right, a lot has been cut.


I'm so disappointed. I bought the DVD because my Mum was an extra when they made AWOS in Darlington and we saw her twice when it was first broadcast. I watched the DVDs and could not see her. I did not know that the original was cut.