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What year did the reruns on cable end?

I remember watching this as a very young kid, but I was born the year after the first run episodes aired. Does anyone know what year they stopped showing the reruns on cable? These memories could be some of my first! haha.

I'll tell you who it was. It was that darn Sasquatch!


I know it ran sometime in the late 80s on USA Cartoon Express then it went away and was brought back sporadically on Cartoon Network in the early 90s and eventually had random airings on Boomerang. I saw it a couple times a few years back on Boomerang but it was really early in the morning and they didnt even air the full run.

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From what I recall on Cartoon Network i'd like to say Shirt Tales probably went away around 99-2000 from regular rotations. I recall it was usually a weekend placed showed, but it didn't last long before it became Boomerang material.

I've never gotten Boomerang, so i don't know how well long they aired it there or before CN was a thing.

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