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Bizarre Chain Of Events

1) Reading Rainbow became a staple at Fort Bragg Elementary School early 1984.
2) The Challenger lift off was shown LIVE to students at the elementary.
2.5) The Challenger lift off was preceded by an episode of Reading Rainbow.
3) Challenger explodes on lift off, freaking out the entire school.
3.5) Fort Brag Elementary School (Bowley) took part in the Teacher in Space program.
4) LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) became the captain of USS Challenger 20 years later.

I can't believe nobody else noticed this. It's really kinda creepy when I think about it. I watched an episode of Reading Rainbow only minutes before I saw the Challenger explode - only to see LeVar Burton become the captain of the Challenger later in life!

Fort Bragg was also the location of the Fatal Vision murders which were still raw at the time of the Challenger explosion. Some of us had to bike past the murder house on the way to class. Living at Fort Bragg during the early 1980's was a very macabre experience which is probably why the whole Reading Rainbow/Challenger connection bothered me.


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