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The Bill's view of young women cops

I'm just watching episodes from the 2005 series of "The Bill" when a surfeit of trendy young blonde things seem to be dominating some of the subplots -- apart from one brunette who looks (and acts) about 15, and well under five feet tall. I have a huge problem taking these characters seriously because they aren't presented seriously as anything approaching professional. Whenever they're chasing a villain they lope or jog along, seeming like they're not trying to catch him -- and usually don't. Sometimes if they do confront a villain, in a pathetic depiction of overpowering and restraining one the much bigger and faster guy usually just obligingly flops over unconvincingly -- even more than ever in these always poorly choreographed scenes -- and gives up under minimal force, if any. All while these young police officers' minds seem to be more occupied with their dates for that evening or which male officers are "fit" or not. This is in stark contrast to the much more convincing characters of the conspicuously middle-aged police women on the show. Any comments?