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The Bill catchphrases

"Ahh, Derek . . . " - Charles Brownlow

"My office, now!"
"All units, guh, guh, guh"
"Did he cough?" - Jack Meadows

My votes:


"Stop, police." Usually delivered by an out of shape copper standing 20-30 yards away from a lithe and athletic suspect said officer wished to detain for questioning, to be followed by the obligatory silly arse footchase.

I miss The Bill.

"Someone has been tampering with Hank's memories."


Or, more simply, just "OI!" Did any copper on the series *ever* attempt to nab a criminal without letting them know from 20-30 yards away that they were coming?


Haha, good point. It always seemed like they yelled, "Oi!" and then ran after them.


All right, off you go.

Gina Gold