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Are the chipmunks/chipettes suppost to be triplets?

or what is the birth order/age difference between them?


Yeah, I think they're supposed to be triplets because in one episode it said that they had the same birthday. Alvin was born first, then Simon, then Theodore. I think the Chipettes go Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor. In one episode, Brittany addressed Jeanette as her "little sister" so Brittany is older than Jeanette. I'm not sure where Eleanor fits in, but I'm assuming she's the youngest, like Theodore.


well the girls and the boys were made to match each other so whatever is the case for the boys probably applies to the girls.

by match i mean that both alvin and brittany are the "leader" and usually the ones to get in trouble or least be involved. they are also a little self obsessed. lol

then both simon and jeanette are the taller ones of their respective groups. they are also the brains of the bunch and both even wear glasses.

and then theodore and eleanor are both the short, chubby one and both love food. and they both tend to be the sweeter and nicer member of their group.

even their colors are sorta opposite of each other, alvin's red and she's pink...simon's blue and she's a mix of blue and purple...theodore is green and she's a light blue.

so with all of that, i'm sure its safe to assume that they are the same age as their male/female counterpart.


Their birth order was gradually revealed throughout the series.

Chipmunks, oldest to youngest:

Chipettes, oldest to youngest:

Alvin made a comment one episode where he was older than Simon by 5 minutes. The Chipmunks Reunion reveals that all 3 share the same birthday, so they are triplets. Another episode Brittany calls Jeanette her little sister, but this could be the same case as with the Chipmunks. The new CGI version however indicates that the Chipettes have different birthdays (at least Jeanette does).