What did she say?

Right at the end, the little girl says (something like) "You would've done, if the witch had been hung".

That's wrong, I'm sure, but her voice is so echoey I can't make out that last word.



I saw it yesterday, and I'm sure she said that it would've worked if she had been inside the house



I saw it on IFC tonight, and according to the captions on my TV, that's what she said.


The little girl (Mary) said right at the end "You would've done, if the witch had been home"
Meaning that the ritual by fire on the pond would have worked if Mary/The Witch had been in the pond when the fire was started,hope this helps :)


I always heard it as: "You would've done ... if the witch had been at home!"

Meaning: Our heroes would have succeeded in killing the witch if she had actually been in the lake when they burned it.

I never thought that line was particularly difficult to hear - it's sort of the "punchline" of the film, after all - but obviously some of the lines must be...

I bought a UK DVD of this film (the Momentum DVD with red spine) and the subtitles on it are laughable - definitely not to be trusted! They're clearly just some hack's guess at what's being said, with no double-checks.

Example: in the flashback scene, where the witch is cursing the people at her execution, the subtitles totally break down into "..." and "[???]" etc. I've never seen anything like it on a so-called "professional" DVD.

In fairness, there was quite heavy electronic processing on the voice in that scene (pitch-shift, etc) but it's like the subtitler gave it one listen-through, shrugged, and gave up. It's quite hilarious, in its way. Well ... unless you're actually deaf or hard of hearing and relying on the subtitles, I guess!

Funny thing is, I never had any problem making out what was being said in that scene either - I'd have subtitled it properly for them :)