A couple questions

Hey there I had a couple questions...maybe someone could help...

About the mother/son who lived on the property

A) Was the son crazy and/or possessed and did he have anything to do with the murders? Was the witch his mistress? And...why would his mother allow him to go to the house?

B) Was the mom just a crazy lady who lived on the property? Was she a caretaker...Or did she have a connection to the witch from years past? Why was she there to begin with? Also, why could she not go to the main house? Was she afraid, or cursed, or what? I honestly thought that perhaps she was the witch from the get-go...but I also thought she was maybe an obvious red herring as well...

C) Whose hand was it that grabbed the daughters leg when she went swimming? The witch? Even if it was I doubt it would still have flesh on after 300 years...Was it just some random hand from someone the witch killed? Just left to interpretation I guess.



I figure it was a devil or demon doing the dirty work.

We saw some black demon hands and a black demon leg.
So the basic attack pattern was the old lady caretaker sits at home off the main property (oddly enough unkilled given the body count of the movie).

The caretaker's son is doing some of the killings.
The demon is doing some of the killings.
The witch ghost (pretending to be a little girl in a white dress named "Mary" is doing some of the killings).

So we have one physical human killer, one physical killer demon, and one immaterial ghost girl killer. Unless it was a simpler setup of the demon body being occupied by the ghost girl when she wasn't killing using ghost powers (a puppet demon body without a puppeteer). When using the ghost powers to kill, she usually stayed invisible. In which case there was really only two killers, the ghost girl (killing by invisible ghost telekinesis powers) or killing humans in her puppet demon body (gift from The Devil) referenced in the historical flashback) and the human adult son of the female caretaker.


Flicking through the YOUTUBE copy of the SUPERSTITION (1982) video I will do a body count and how they were killed.
Note that the Witch of the Manor was an adult woman around the age of 30 when she was drowned.

KILLERS -- Ghost Girl (using invisible force), Demon Body (using physical Demon Claws and Demon Strength), and Human Son of Caretaker (using knife stabbing).

Tons of "Spoilers" (for a mostly plotless sort of movie) here, so I'm sadly forced to make these as such per IMDB rules. It rather interrupt the reading flow to have to mouse-hover over Spoiler text.

6:40 -- Prankster Male #1 gets lifted to the ceiling by an invisible force (ghost girl).
9:41 -- Prankster Male #2 witnesses the not-convincing decapitated head of Prankster Male #1 in the microwave oven. Rubber head explodes (which wouldn't happen as a human head is not a sealed chunk of meat in a shell like an egg). Killed by Demon Body or Caretaker's Son.
10:19 -- Prankster Male #2 is scissored in half by an invisible force (killed ghost girl) using the window as a killing device.
17:58 -- Realtor is dragged into the water of the small lake at the end of the dock (killed by demon body).
21:11 -- Ghost Girl, Mary, introduces herself to the young Rev. David Thompson. No immediate murders.
22:20 -- Older priest is killed by runaway circular sawblade in an unintentionally comically overlong scene (killed by ghost girl).
25:49 -- Electrician (Fred) is killed in the elevator shaft after a Demon Claw is seen by audience, but not by victim (killed by ghost girl).
39:37 -- Young male child, Justin Leahy, is grabbed on shoulder by unseen attacker (later turns up dead). (Killed by Demon Body or Caretaker's Son). Highest probability is Caretaker's Son was the killer.

51:00 -- (FLASHBACK to the year 1692) Main character, Elvira Sharack (Evil Adult Female Witch), is killed by towns people by drowning and a silver cross thrown into the lake (which apparently converted the Evil Witch into Pure Sodium and she explodes like a bag of Alkaseltzer Tablets)
51:50 -- Everyone in the town is eventually killed by the Witch Ghost or fire or Demon Body.
58:23 -- (FLASHBACK) Father Andrew Pike is squished by a Guttenberg Press like a pressed duck by an invisible force (killed by ghost girl).

1:01:01 -- Electrician's body is found under blanket in Caretaker's Son's room. (Death already noted earlier)
1:02:01 -- Caretaker's Son is captured. 2 Deputies drive off with Caretaker's Son (all 3 appear to survive this movie).
1:04:10 -- Police Inspector (Sturgess) is dragged out of Caretaker's Son's secret room by Demon Claw (killed by Demon Body).
1:06:48 -- Son Justin Leahy's dead body is found (already killed earlier at 39:37) by his mother, Melinda Leahy (this information is not communicated to other characters).
1:08:29 -- Demon hand grabs mother Melinda and flings her onto the kitchen table, Then throws her onto the kitchen-island countertop. She is dragged offscreen at 1:10:28. (Killed by Demon Body).

1:12:16 -- Front door explodes (apparently silver crosses double as "Anti-Personnel Claymore Mines" in Demon-Witch situations). Noted for the comical, yet impressive unexpected pyrotechnics. Ann Leahy escapes to the van of Rev. David Thompson.

1:13:19 -- Husband Rev. George Leahy finds the dead body of his wife under the comforter blanket with her arm ripped off.
1:13:52 -- Husband George Leahy is then killed by bedroom window glass exploding with Demon Body shape behind it (should be a kill by Ghost Girl, but I'll give it to the Demon Body)

1:14:51 -- Daughter Sheryl Leahy, instead of escaping, is looking for her younger brother, Justin Leahy, but is grabbed by Demon Body Claws, and gets a spike nailed into her forehead. Really good usage of music and jumpcuts to reaction shots to emphasize the emotional impact. Barely used correctly for the rest of the movie (old priest brutally killed in our future home by possessed sawblade to the chest yesterday... let's move in tomorrow... la-de-dah). (Killed by Demon Body)

1:17:09 -- Ann Leahy is found dead in the van with a stab wound on her neck and blood randomly across her face.
(Killed Demon Body? I guess, as this is a purely physical attack, but the physical Demon Body is not logically able to kill Ann Leahy in the van as it was busy with the body of mother Melinda upstairs, then spiking Sheryl upstairs, and then blowing up the window in the bedroom to kill George Leahy, there simply is no time to have killed Ann. So I'm going to break pattern and give the kill to the only logical remaining physical suspect. Killed by the Caretaker, Elondra. Which makes sense really. Elondra is most likely a Witch herself by looking at her hut's interior decoration, taking her "loose meat" victims and able to keep the Manor Witch from bothering herself directly). Killed by the Witch Caretaker, Elondra.

1:18:11 -- Rev. David Thompson pours gasoline onto the lake's surface, sets it aflame. The ghost girl, Mary, appears. He stabs her with the silver cross, she falls into the lake, catches fire, and sinks into the lake.
1:19:58 -- Demon Claw grabs Rev. David Thompson and drags him into the lake to drown or be torn apart. (Killed by Demon Body)

KILL COUNT (killed by):
Ghost Girl: = 3
Demon Body: = 8
Caretaker's Son: = 1
Caretaker: 1
Questionable ones: (First Prankster and Justin Leahy), but I'm giving Justin's death to the Caretaker's Son and the First Prankster to the Demon.

Note that Sheryl Leahy is killed in THE ATTIC of the house (despite it looking like she was killed in the basement). Which is why the young Priest can run downstairs after the cloaked Demon Body attacks him, but it is banished into vanishing leaving the stairs looking like a Boyscout Paper Drive gone horribly wrong. The killing in the attic also foreshadows the bloody spikes coming from the ceiling in Sheryl's dream (AKA the Let's Flashback to Parts of our Own Movie) initiated by the Ghost Girl at 34:10. It also is a very pointless directorial choice to heighten tension as it is unintentionally comic with the dumb rubber head popping (even if the chiller music is decent). It would've been better to use this opportunity to distract the audience with the Red Herring subplot of the Caretaker's Son being the killer dressed up as a Demon (using new footage to imply that through the story). Granted it wouldn't have been much of a "twist" to have the Caretaker's Son to be a killer, while the Demon was really a Demon, but it could have added just enough plot complexity to not be as intellectually dull as this movie turned out.



C) Whose hand was it that grabbed the daughters leg when she went swimming?

The body of the drowned dead Realtor grabbed the daughter's leg and the severed hand was still hanging onto her ankle when they pulled her out of the water.

(Not a spoiler as the Realtor is killed off rather early and has no further part in the plot except as a severed one-scare body part).