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Needs a better title name. "MANOR WITCH"

I was thinking of a better name for the SUPERSTITION (1982). Relabel the movie, "MANOR WITCH" with the plug-line "Nobody gets out alive."

I think it has a bit more catch-factor because it is a wordplay title. "MANOR WITCH" (Man or Witch?) (Man-Wich is a meal) (In the Manner Which I've become accustomed) and "Manner Witch" (Manner Which).

The plug-line of "Nobody gets out alive" is mostly factual to the plot (except for the old female caretaker, her adult son, and the two policemen that drive off with him). Since the movie pretty much kills off all of the introduced characters, that's about the only value of it (a Nightmare on Elm Street kill-fest without the better quality rubber gore special effects).

It's a bit of a dull movie, but better paced than "The Amityville Horror" movie.
The characters are all rather forgettable, but the actors do their jobs competently to the limits of the script. It's one of the few horror movies which don't make me root for the monster in the story because the characters are not the generic "annoying horror movie idiot stereotype" factor which intensely makes me silently wish for their deaths.

The characters rather lacked backstory and character development, so they were basically utilitarian script props to allow the monster of the story to kill them and move on.


That's a stupid title. "Superstition" is fine.