the little girl

Correct me if I'm wrong, just wanted to ask was the little girl actually the witch herself, and what was the point of her appearing out of nowhere in a few scenes talking to Thompson, and Justin?


Yeah pretty sure she is. Well, shes the witch posing as the little girl who was supposed to be her accuser back in the 1700s that drowned in the pond.


I thought that she was the little girl that the witch killed.. who just so happened to be named Mary as well.

The little girl never did anything vindictive, usually just introducing herself to the characters and.. well that is it.

In the ending she recited "you can't kill me!" which at the same time you could also hear the voice of the witch saying something similar. I think this led a lot of people to think they were the same person, though I am not so sure personally.

The only thing I can point to with the ending for her not being the witch is that the witch still kills the main character at the end of the movie. Maybe the little girl was legitimately warning him and not "taunting" him.