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Hollywood's insistance on remakes...

...has gotten to a point where, I am now numb to the concept, and I expect every classic at some point or another to be remade.

The Exorcist, The Godfather, it's gonna happen to them all. Perhaps even Jaws too. Steel Magnolias, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, all of them (one of these has already been remade and simply given characters in a different demographic).

In fact, Hollywood may very well go on to remake the same franchises again and again, once every thirty years or so. Don't be surprised. After all, who's to stop them? And why would they sit on potential cash to be made, when they could simply add water to existing concepts and at least break even off of them in the process?

Anyhow... despite the aforementioned, one thing I came here to express this evening... is that, if ever there was a film that had the material which could benefit from a serious remake, it would be this one. It should be done. But that's only if a serious director could treat it like a serious project and make something good. This would be unlikely, however.

I'm not a control freak, I just like things my way


This movie isn't well-known enough to be remade.


The sad part is that this could actually BENEFIT from a remake because it's not a very good film.