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Just showed this to a couple friends of mine!

These are the same friends I showed High Tension, The Fly (1986) and The Shining. We always have a movie night every so often. They will show me a movie from their collection and I will watch it unbiased, and they do the same for me. The films they have shown me to date are The Cross, Soul Surfer, and The Omega Code.

The film they showed first was Letters To God. It was a passable film, but felt too much like a Hallmark film (I am saying this based on the way it played out, for the record).

After a half hour intermission, I showed them New York Ripper. Were everyone's nerves (except mine) ever on edge that night! My friend's husband widened his eyes in pure shock during the "Bottle" scene. My friend started letting out dry heaves (mostly after the prostitute killing scene). My girlfriend seemingly went into a catatonic shock, only to come out giggling (she does that when nervous). I, though it all, was just loving watching people's responses (and I watched the movie as well.

After the movie was over, I went to the bathroom and called the house phone from my cell. When my friend picked up, I just went (in a very deep, almost inhuman voice) ".... Quuuaaack Quuuuack!", then hung up. I could hear my friend calling me from the living room, saying "Just wait until you come out of there!"

Next month, I am thinking of showing them either I Spit On Your Grave (1978) or Blood Beach (1980).

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Lol. Invite me over sometime, it sounds like a blast. I have some good movies in my collection.


Invite me over, too. I'll bring the dip. :)


Awesome! I'd like to be part of your circle of friends! We have similar taste in movies.


hey don't forget to give me a ring, too!