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Karen Allen sizzles in this film! And I didn't even see the whole thing


When I saw her in Shoot The Moon, she played "the other woman", and walked through her role in a pedestrian monotone. I thought she was a no-talent. But in Split Image, she plays a young lady in a cult, who screams out in horrified terror when people try to kidnap her male friend out of the cult. She was very unnerving and surprised me with her talent. She looked 29 in Shoot The Moon and about 20 in this film. I don't know if they did it with makeup, or this film was filmed years before its actual release. They were both released in 1982, according to imdb. Most of you probably remember her from Raiders of The Lost Ark. And I'm happy to see she's still acting today, even though she's over 60. Gosh - how time flies!