Gore ?

How gory this one is?

or if you can suggest some gory slasher movie for me.

I already have Mutilator (extreme) and The Burning (uncut, from HDmonster channel), since they are consider the one of the goriest slashers in the '80.

I also have lot of slashers of the '80, but I didn't feel they are gory enough for me (yeah, I am a gorehound!)

thanks in advance and please forgive my grammar, english is not native language.


You want Gore? Get these movies:

1. House By The Cemetary (Lucio Fulci movie - no sense, great gore!)

2. Reanimator (maybe the goriest movie I have seen from the 80's!)

3. Braindead (known as Dead Alive in the US - Great Gore and comedy as well!)

And no, I have not seen the movie The Slayer but I did catch the trailer at youtube where they show you all the good bits (even the monster itself!) and it looks moderately gory. OK? Hope that helps you.


Day of the Dead is gorier than Re-Animator, and they're from the same year.

The Prowler and Maniac are good, gory slashers.


Theres a decent amount of gore in this one, you should be satisfied :)


Yeah, the pitchfork scene was nicely done.


Try City of the living dead (needs to be uncut version). It's from 1980 and is directed by Lucio Fulci.