Needs More Attention!!

Ok its no Halloween, The Exorcist etc. but its still an awesome little movie and it deserves a lot more. True fans of horror can see this film for what it is, an we appreciate these underrated horror gems.

It need a new DVD release fast. or better yet, a Blu-ray release. Vipco's DVD is fine, maybe not the quality, but at least owning the movie is awesome. But it need more. for a start it needs to be released in widescreen, and that's not asking for much. asking for a steelbook, digibook, 2 disc set, might be asking a little much but i just wish it would be given the long overdue treatment it deserved.

I guess i should start a petition or something. or contact some distribution companies to see if they would consider making a new release. Arrow Films my be the best choice, anyone agree?


Yeah, I agree, love this movie. It has some pacing issue, but it was well made, music was great, kills are pretty good (pitchfork scene being the best) and overall movie is quite creepy.

I hope someone picks this up and do a justice. Arrow, Shout\Scream Factory, Shriek Show, don't really care.

How's Vipco DVD? I have German release, it's not the best quality (4:3, VHS transfer)... But hey, Germans also released "Funeral Home" in same fashion. It's better then nothing. I don't think there's any proper release of Funeral Home either, at least I am not aware of it.


Yes start a petition! I will sign!