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One of the worst experiences of my life

I unfortunately took my new 17 year old girlfriend to this emotionally draining film when it initially came out. Foolishly, I, a 19 year old guy, though it would be a light-hearted rom-com. Should have read a review before hand.

She had been 12 when her parents broke up. Her father, a Jim Jones type preacher who slept with women in his church, her mom a bitter nasty manipulative woman who always saw the worst in life, and to top it all off, a brother living at home, who was a violent alcoholic. In other words, she was a border line head case due to her family.

The night we saw this film sent her over the edge. Complete flip out, balling her eyes out, screaming fits and finally catatonic when I took her home. Thank God I found all this out before I developed deeper feelings for her.

It's a well made film, but the subject matter is so extreme that it's not something I would ever suggest someone should watch unless you wanted to determine if your date is emotionally stable.


I couldn't agree more.